Stan Smith Forever – promoting a greener lifestyle


Stan Smith Forever – promoting a greener lifestyle
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Introducing new adidas’ new sneakers by promoting sustainability

Sustainable lifestyles still aren’t a part of the mainstream in Croatia. So to educate as many people as possible about how to "live green," we launched adidas’ new Stan Smith sneakers with a full-scale media campaign, reaching millions of readers and social media users.

It all started with an educational web platform

We created a unique web platform with interesting, informative video content, comprised of:

• Inspiring Instagram stories where a team of influencers shared their experiences and tips on how to live sustainably, whether they were beginners or long-time practitioners. Some of the big-names we featured were Nika Turković, Marko Vuletić, Debela Barbara and Lana Jurčević.

• Expert video content on how to start living a waste-free life, created in collaboration with Terra Hub.

• A "Join the Movement" section for user-generated content where everyday users (and even some celebrities) pledged to make a change in their lifestyle. They made short videos and posted them to Instagram or posted written promises on the website; for example "I won't use plastic straws again.” We rewarded the "greenest" pledges with adidas equipment.

Following up launch day with a PR and advertising push

We produced hyper-localized materials in-line with global adidas campaign guidelines, which we then distributed across all channels. In addition to digital, we launched an in-store activation in partnership with Humana Nova to encourage people to recycle their old clothes.

In-step with the web launch, we published a slew of media releases about adidas’ new Stan Smith sneakers (now made with recycled materials), which we then boosted with digital ads. During the campaign, 34 PR articles were published about the project both in digital and in print. 

Our message reached millions

The campaign got a lot of attention — at once informing the public about adidas’ new product and promoting concrete steps that each of us can take to move towards a sustainable future together.

• With PR articles in Croatia’s biggest media outlets, we achieved a potential reach of over 16 million readers.

• Influencers reached over 4 million users with their stories and posts.

• Posts had over 1,000 comments and over 155 thousand likes.