LAQOthon — rewarding green tech ideas

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LAQOthon — rewarding green tech ideas
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A competition that promotes sustainability

Sustainable development is currently among the biggest challenges we face as a society. As a 100% digital brand that sees challenges as opportunities for innovation, LAQO wanted to encourage the development of new ideas that could contribute to a greener way of life.

To stimulate the development of sustainable solutions and position LAQO as a pioneer of sustainability in the Croatian public, we created a competition called LAQOthon.

18,000 EUR prize fund

With a 27-day campaign on social media and news websites, we motivated individuals and teams from Croatia to submit their conceptual solutions on sustainability through the LAQOthon website. A panel of experts then selected the 10 best ideas which were presented live at the Bug Future Show. The best three ideas were awarded a total of 18,000 EUR.

We received 250 applications

The LAQOthon landing page got over 196,000 views. Through digital advertising, we managed to reach more than 998,000 people and get nearly 30.3 million impressions. While we initially set a modest goal of 30 applications for LAQOthon, we received a total of 250.

"The task was not simple at all. Selecting 10 projects among the 250 applications received was a real challenge, as was choosing the best three among the top 10. We are confident that we have chosen top-notch projects that will change the world for the better with their ideas and solutions. I thank everyone who submitted their ideas, my colleagues in the jury for their dedication and excellent work, and then the finalists and winners of the first LAQOthon. The quality of the proposed solutions confirms the fact that among us are brilliant innovators and experts whose solutions promise a safer, healthier, and better future. That's why I can already announce that we are soon starting preparations for a new edition of LAQOthon."

Ana Zovko

Director of the Digital Development Sector at Croatia osiguranje and President of the LAQOthon Jury