Bringing Hrvatski Telekom and Gen Z together

Hrvatski Telekom

Bringing Hrvatski Telekom and Gen Z together
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A year in review: Hrvatski Telekom TikTok

In July 2021, we launched a TikTok profile for Hrvatski Telekom to help them connect with Gen Z.

The HT team filled their feed with laid-back, on-trend content tailored to the network's algorithm. In just the first year—and without spending a dime on advertising —we achieved nearly 6 million views, over 275 thousand likes, and over 3 thousand comments.

#TebeSePita — our first UGC activation

After an extensive ATL campaign targeting young users, our task was to find a way to extend it into the digital realm. The goal was to communicate a whole new message; that with HT’s new paid plan for young people, you can get not only unlimited social media use, but the possibility of unlimited content creation.

That's how we launched HT’s first TikTok activation, #TebeSePita, which gained them over 9 thousand 

We sent 30 people to a Billie Eilish concert

#TebeSePita was a three-month user-generated content (UGC) activation centered around a prize contest. We got young people from all over Croatia to upload TikTok content where they showed us how they use technology to make the world a better place. The activation had three parts:

1. #tebesepita TikTok series

During the campaign’s six weeks, we published six inspiring TikToks of young people showing how they achieved extraordinary things using technology.

2. TikTok challenge #tebesepita 

After the motivational stories, we opened the floor to the young public with a prize contest, in which we asked them to make their own TikTok videos showing us how technology enables them to take steps toward creating a world of better opportunities - for themselves and others.

3. Grand prize – the Billie Eilish concert in Berlin

The 15 most creative applications won the grand prize—a trip to the Billie Eilish concert in Berlin for two. The rest got consolation prizes.

Big results for a small budget

In our first year of posting organic content on TikTok, we achieved results we could have gotten on Instagram only with an advertising budget of nearly 120 million USD. With the #TebeSePita campaign, we saw an increase in HT's TikTok followers by nearly 75% in just six weeks.

• Nearly 6 million views, over 275 thousand likes, and over 3 thousand comments in a year, all organically

• The hashtag #BilinaBillie got 605 thousand views, and #TebeSePita 1.4 million

• With campaigns on Google and YouTube, we reached over 6 million users and collected over 25 thousand clicks

• The user-generated content (UGC) that won the grand prize together had over 126 thousand views