How Erste's KEKS Pay, the sweetest domestic fintech application, came about

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How Erste's KEKS Pay, the sweetest domestic fintech application, came about
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You are having lunch with a group of coworkers. The waiter brings the bill, and with it, the well-known hassle. Some only have large bills, some left their wallet in the office, someone ordered a take-out for a colleague who is swamped at work. The calculation takes a long time, the level of mathematical creativity is enviable, and banking applications do not help; they are complicated and always involve a fee.

Day to day life consists of a series of similar hassles. To get rid of these Erste Bank created KEKS Pay - an app that allows you to quickly and securely send and receive money among people who know each other without any fees, regardless of the bank users have an account with.

In addition to allowing users to send and receive money in a few clicks and free of charge, the app supports opening chat groups and sending messages, stickers, and GIFs, paying for parking. When sending or requesting money, the user can be informed of why the money is being sent or requested, visually, and descriptively. This is not the case with other banking applications.


It all started back in January 2017 when our team of developers and designers met with Erste Bank and a team of external collaborators to discuss for the first time the idea of making the first domestic peer-to-peer payment app. Teams from the agency and the bank organized like an internal startup. We were thinking about an app that would solve a specific everyday problem. After dozens of sprints, thousands of hours of work, design, and refinement, KEKS Pay was created.


Our creative team, along with colleagues from Utorak agency, built the KEKS Pay brand from scratch. We designed the visual identity, music production, animation, graphics, stickers, icons, typography, banners. The goal was to create a brand that is fun and progressive. That is why the whole brand identity is a complete departure from the way financial services are perceived by the public.


By opening a Facebook page and creating a social network strategy, we wanted to communicate directly with our target group. Using pop culture references and situations in which KEKS Pay users will find it useful, our goal is to create awareness and encourage users to download and use the app.


The launch was organised in December 2018 at a press event in the company of some of the most famous Croatian influencers. Ivan Šarić, Nataša Janjić, Lana Klingor Mihić, and Marijana Batinić shared with everyone their experience of using the app and invited on their channels users to download it. The launch generated more than 70 write-ups publications in the leading Croatian media outlets.


KEKS Pay today has 130 thousand users. More than 770,000 transactions were performed through it. So far, over HRK 135 million has been transferred through the app. The average transaction amount is HRK 50. 75% of app users are clients of other banks. The app has been in the top 10 financial apps on the App Store and Google Play since its launch.