The YouTube series that showed how gaming isn’t all fun and games

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The YouTube series that showed how gaming isn’t all fun and games
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Trouble in pixel paradise

A survey of Croatian youth aged 12-26 showed that as many as 97% play video games regularly. Of those, 50% have experienced some kind of online bullying while playing, and 23% lie to their parents about how much time they spend gaming.

As an active member of the digital community, Hrvatski Telekom wanted to create a safer digital "playground" for young people. And that's how we created Ultimate Gamer — a unique YouTube show that supports gaming culture with both competitions and education. The series reached over a million views, and increased HT's YouTube channel subscribers by 25%.

A fun, educational YouTube series for gamers

Our goal was to create a platform with entertaining content that teaches young people about responsible behavior in the digital world. For Ultimate Gamer we produced seven episodes and released them over the course of seven weeks on Hrvatski Telekom's YouTube channel.

Apart from the seven main episodes, we filled the channel with some bonus infotainment material to teach young folks about the risks inherent in the gaming world, cyberbullying, and gender inequality. We boosted awareness of our show through digital channels, by collaborating with the most relevant influencers in the GenZ target, creating special content for Instagram and Tik Tok, ads, and PR.

15 videos

9 influencers

55+ published PR articles

Setting new high-scores

Before launch, our goals for the project were to increase the number of YouTube subscribers by 20% and collect 700 thousand views. Not only did we reach them (and then some) — we made it to the MIXX awards finals for Best Content category.

• 1 million views on YouTube

• 25% subscriber growth on YouTube

• Reach of 50 thousand people on social networks through video posts

• Reach of over 1.7 million people through influencer channels