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Prostoria online furniture store
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How Prostoria web switched from a business card to a complete business tool

Prostoria is a young and highly successful Croatian design furniture company that already has a few classics in its portfolio. It is also unique in its way of hiring almost exclusively established local product designers that help to define its recognisable style.

Prostoria required a solid web platform that will serve its digital needs for years to come. Their business is complex and their target varies from big businesses to middlemen and private customers. The new web needs to cater to all these complex use cases.

Vidi više

We have made a modern website with good-looking and accessible products. 

Here are a few highlights of the thinking involved in the making of the website:

Photography based

To attract users and keep them interested, the new web site is heavily based on great product photography, specially made for the web in Prostorias’ own photo studio.

Seamless B2B/B2C integration

To try and satisfy everybody we have seamlessly integrated protected areas for professionals in the product presentations, and added a separate section where all the different professionals (press, dealers, etc.) can find exactly what’s intended for them (CAD files, price lists, etc.).

Super fast loading for great UX

Progressive loading and cloud image serving makes for a very snappy user experience for such a photo intensive website. 


The client got an efficient web platform that can be in in perfect alignment with their current and planned business endeavours. The page load is 3.5x faster than before, even with a much visually richer layout. In less than three months we have recorded over 800 registered professional users, designers and dealers. User engagement is better by 40% (pages seen per visit, time spent on web, and bounce rate).