Inside Croatia's first Virtual Stadium

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Inside Croatia's first Virtual Stadium
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A unique stadium, built for the longest fan song in history

EURO 2020 was unlike any sporting event in history. As Croatian fans once again looked forward to the soccer-induced collective euphoria, COVID-19 made it impossible for many of them to cheer for their team in person.

Nonetheless, we decided to help fans experience the passion and the unity only soccer can bring… from the safety of their own homes. Together with Hrvatski Telekom, we built the first Virtual Stadium in Croatia, which enabled fans to cheer for their home team remotely. This sparked the creation of the longest fan song ever recorded – lasting over 9 hours. 

How many creatives does it take to build a stadium?

The concept was to create an online platform - a Virtual Stadium - which would allow fans to submit videos of themselves singing, cheering, and dancing to Igraj moja Hrvatska, the anthem of the Croatian national team. The idea was to compile all their videos into one, creating the world’s longest-ever fan song.

It took 960 working hours to get from an idea on paper to a functional platform. The team that worked on the Stadium included 10 designers, developers, project managers, and copywriters.

A 360° campaign that went straight for the goal

Apart from building the platform itself, we also launched a 360° campaign that featured:

• TV commercials

• digital advertisements

• social media activations

• public relations

• influencers (including members of the Croatian national soccer team) 

We started promoting the Virtual Stadium before the start of the tournament, and videos started pouring in from every corner of Croatia. Even the players joined in! Then, we ramped up the ad campaign during the group play phase, with TV commercials featuring the user generated content (UGC) from the platform.

• Over 85 media articles about the project reached over 3.3 million people

• Digital ads reached 2.5 million people and made over 20 million impressions

14 influencers created content during the campaign and reached over 1.8 million people on social media

One for the history books

• In just five weeks, 149,000 people visited our Virtual Stadium

• 8,900 content creators booked their seats on the platform, submitting a total of 840 videos in which they heartily cheered and sang their team's anthem

• The videos collected a total of 1.8 million views

• In the end, we put together the longest fan song ever created, with fan submissions combining for over 9 hours of passion, pride, and hope

Trophies won

MIXX 2022 - Best Brand Awareness Campaign