Branding the region’s largest dental group

Adria Dental Group

Branding the region’s largest dental group
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Back in 2021, 5 high-powered Croatian dental clinics came together to form Adria Dental Group. Over 70 dental offices, 400 employees, and 160+ specialists from every branch of dental medicine became part of what is now the largest dental group in the Adria region. 

As a newly-formed player on the market, Adria Dental Group needed a fresh, recognizable new visual identity that would symbolize their alliance while feeling warm and friendly, yet sleek and professional. 

Flexibility and cohesiveness combined

We achieved the effect our client was looking for with the interplay of various line elements that combine to form a single, cohesive structure. In the center of the structure is the ADG symbol, from which we could then derive various other complex transformations and adapt to several different applications. 

The cherry on top? Using typography based on original fonts by Croatian typeface designers. Apart from the new website, their shiny new identity will adorn their office space interiors and clinic co-branding efforts.

"We wanted to work with the best because we want to be the best. 404 had already collaborated with Adria Dental Group’s first clinic, and since the story of the newly formed group developed so rapidly, we needed to create a new visual identity and website in an extremely short time period. Together, we quickly landed on a final product that communicates what we want to be, the direction we want to go, and the message we want to convey."

Gordan Muškić

CEO, Adria Dental Group