Visual identity for a prestigious MBA program

Luxembourg School of Business

Visual identity for a prestigious MBA program
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The Luxembourg School of Business is a prestigious international business school delivering world-class management education in the heart of Europe. As they launched their innovative new Global Executive MBA program, LSB came to us looking for a standalone visual identity for the program that still fit into the school’s existing umbrella identity.

A whole visual system created from a single, red line

First, we had to analyze LSB's existing visual identity and strip it down to its foundational elements. We took the slanted red line from the LSB logo and used it as the basis for the GEMBA program’s new visual ecosystem. Each element of its new identity — from the logo and the icon set to the print formats, illustrations, and photo treatment — is in some way influenced by the slant and proportions of the LSB Slash. This made for a compact, logical, and smart visual system, which we codified in a luxurious, 100-page brand book