Giving a cutting-edge Swiss feel to a cutting-edge Swiss startup


Giving a cutting-edge Swiss feel to a cutting-edge Swiss startup
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Relio is a brand-new Swiss fintech startup providing business accounts for companies of all sizes and levels of complexity — from freelancers to multinational corporations. They turned to us for help with creating a brand-new visual identity from the ground up, with a fresh new website to match. 

Classis Swiss design combined with the visual language of startups

To start, we conducted a thorough analysis of Relio's design neighborhood and client workshops to understand the look they were going for. Inspired by grid-based Swiss design, Relio leaned towards minimalism. 

Starting with a simple visual idea (if you cut the Swiss cross in half, it becomes the "r" monogram), we folded in elements from both the classic Swiss design schools of the 1960s and the modern digital start-up world.

The result is a visual identity that feels both reliable and progressive. It’s unexpected, but it just makes sense. Along with it, SHAPE helped us design and develop a modern, clean, on-brand website that showcased the new look of Relio

"We were looking for a quality agency that could handle various disciplines, from strategy, content, and campaigns to design and development. As a fintech company, it was important for us to find a partner whose technology and processes adhere to the utmost security standards. 404's experience in the banking and insurance sectors made the final decision easy. Through our outstanding collaboration and clear process, 404 helped us find the path to the identity we wanted. From briefing to implementation, we especially appreciate how they met every deadline and delivered on 100% of our requests while staying on-budget."

Miloš Stokić

Head of Marketing, Relio