Creating a Website for the Museum of Apoxyomenos

Museum of Apoxyomenos

Creating a Website for the Museum of Apoxyomenos
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A Contemporary Story About an Ancient Legend

Everything about finding and returning Apoxyomenos to Mali Lošinj was a great story. The contemporary story about the ancient legend needed to be told on the website of the Museum of Apoxyomenos, which opened in Mali Lošinj in 2017 as an exceptional Croatian cultural project. The website was supposed to present the unique exhibit as an original experience making the museum worth visiting. A local team of creators had the challenge of accomplishing this without using the sculpture itself as a key visual.

We have adjusted the specific and original design concept of the museum to digital media. The website is set up in a way that the structure follows the entire origin story: the journey, the shipwreck, the discovery at the bottom of the sea, the restoration, and the new life of Apoxyomenos through the visuals of the interior of the museum itself. We have managed to convey the hermetic and strange interior experience to the visitors, but at the same time provide all the information for visiting Mali Lošinj. Top-of-the-line photographs emphasizing the storytelling concept, poetic titles that interpret each of these thematic units, and a video provide insight into the entire museum experience that is successfully positioned as one that should most certainly be visited.

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