Coming together to beat fear in the New Year

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Coming together to beat fear in the New Year
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In the midst of the pandemic, an idea was born

"What if I won't be able to see my friends anymore? What if life as we know it is changed forever?” During the rollercoaster that was 2020, we all had some "what if" questions hanging over us. No matter what we wanted or planned beforehand, we were now cripplingly limited by the circumstances and insecurity that shrouded our lives.

To turn the tables on our fears in the new year, we teamed up with Beck's Croatia to launch the campaign Pobijedi svako “što ako” (Win your “what ifs”), where we gave prizes for the most inspiring stories about victories over self-doubt and fear. In just one month we achieved some pretty tremendous engagement stats, and positioned Beck's as an inspiring, bold brand that encourages positive change.

A contest to find the most inspiring victories

We launched a creative contest to reward users' inspiring stories of victories over their "what ifs" — from small, trivial things that have always bothered them to serious events that drastically changed their lives.

A unique microsite

On the basis of Beck's recognizable visual identity we created a special microsite where users could share their stories. We spread awareness about the site on digital channels.

Collaboration with influencers

From day 1 of the campaign, we collaborated with the unapologetically authentic Instagram influencer Grof Darkula, a fierce advocate for living life free of societal expectations (read: limitations). Soon, they were joined by other influencers like Ida Prester, Vid Juračić, and Karla Zelić.

Paid ads

We massively expanded our reach with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and display banners on news portals.

Custom merch

In addition to the microsite, in cooperation with Grof Darkula, we designed special t-shirts and tote bags, which we distributed as prizes for the most original stories.

We reached 80% of the entire country

With Pobijedi svako “što ako,” we inspired people all over Croatia to take the first step in breaking down their barriers and overcoming resistance to new ways of being.

• Here’s the results after one month of the campaign:

• 485 inspiring stories shared on the website

• 12.5 million impressions on all digital channels

• 3.2 million users reached in total, on all channels

• 654 thousand interactions via social channels

• 36% engagement rate on Facebook-promoted posts

• 1.7 million video views on all digital channels

"2020 was a turning point in our lives, when the whole world "locked down" and entered a new reality. In a situation full of uncertainty, fear, and constant “what ifs” that polluted our minds — we wanted to help people find something positive. With the Beck's #UnlockYourself platform and the inspiring stories of real people, we encouraged the public to notice and share their personal victories (large and small) and experiences that push boundaries, help us overcome our own fears and obstacles, and motivate us to continue following our dreams."

Karla Stojić Butorac, Media & Digital Manager, Zagrebačka pivovara