What we did and got at this year`s Weekend

What we did and got at this year`s Weekend

Jura Pruša is 27, single and claims he can do a thousand keepy-uppies. Apart from that, Jura has been working at the 404 social department for the past few years and last week he won the SoMo Borac for the CM of the Year for his work on the bonbon account. 

Besides Jura, this year, the most important regional digital award in the SOMO APP category went to one of our teams whose members, last year, built, designed and launched Keks Pay, an app intended for our client, the Erste Bank. The app allows you to exchange money with your friends, collect money for gifts, and split lunch expenses, among other things. 

Our submission in the ONE HIT WONDER category ended up being one of the three finalists. It featured a campaign we had done in cooperation with Sprite Icy Cactus in an attempt to solve the brazen theft of a rare cactus from Zagreb’s Botanical Garden. 

For us, the award ceremony for the best digital projects in 2018 was the highlight of this year’s Weekend Media Festival. Naturally, along with winning awards just as any other year, we also helped organize the biggest regional communication industry’s gathering.

The 404 PR practitioners usually start with Weekend Media Festival related activities months before the event kicks off. In Rovinj, they made sure more than 500 accredited journalists, speakers and sponsors always had easy access to all the necessary information and materials. Our social team followed the most important moments at the festival on social networks, while the content team prepared brief reviews and summaries of the most interesting lectures and panels for those who had perhaps overslept.

The rest of the agency used the 12th Weekend Media Festival as an opportunity to have a nice, quiet team building and to attend some good lectures, sharpen their minds, and catch up on their sleep having worked long hours in Zagreb.