Having plants in the office makes us think better and take fewer sick leaves

Having plants in the office makes us think better and take fewer sick leaves

Green offices improve our cognitive abilities by 26 percent and reduce sick leaves by 30 percent. A pleasant working environment plays an important role in employee productivity as well as in their personal lives. According to a study that Harvard experts carried out in cooperation with United Technologies and their colleagues from other universities, the respondents said they had also noticed an improvement in the quality of their sleep by 6 percent.

It has been proven that views of greenery enable us to recover faster from stress and achieve better results. Back in 1984, biologist E. O. Wilson said there was an innate connection between people and nature.

Seeing as in big cities our windows usually look out onto other buildings façades, the solution is to use biophilic design – an interior design concept, according to which nature is a significant factor in creating healthier and more productive living and working spaces.

Perhaps you occasionally glance at the plants in your office and are unaware of their latent effects; however, their benefits are quite valuable:

1. They reduce stress, depression, anger and fatigue and lift your mood

2. They increase your productivity and improve your memory

3. They reduce the sick leave rate

4. They purify the air by removing carbon dioxide and chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde

5. They help reduce noise levels by absorbing sounds

6. They inspire creativity.