404 trends - Employer branding

404 trends - Employer branding

Corporate image is arguably the most important component of recruiting new employees. Surveys indicate that more than 70 percent of people will not even read a job vacancy ad posted by a company with a poor reputation or a company that they have never heard of. A good employer branding strategy is critical for attracting new talents and keeping the best of the best, and its implementation should be synergic, continual, creative and proactive.

An integrated team

The first trend that is already underway, and will certainly dominate in 2020, is forming teams that will have an integrated approach to developing and implementing employer branding strategies. An employer branding strategy is something that concerns the entire company and should not be the responsibility of a single department. Everyone must be involved in building the employer’s image – from the management board to HR, communications and IT, to marketing, sales and all the other departments. Resources and knowhow from across the company are required for a successful implementation of the employer branding strategy and, ultimately, its positive outcome.

Centralized career sites

Unique career sites, which are used to clearly communicate all material and non-material employee rights in companies and benefits of working for them, are an absolute imperative and the main communication channel towards both existing and potential employees. These sites are also used to efficiently convey a company’s corporate culture through, for instance, photos and videos or employee blogs. A good career site contains all the necessary information, is simple to use, and is always mobile friendly. Besides having a central online platform, it is also important to have a well-elaborated digital advertising strategy, as it is still the most useful tool when it comes to attracting job applications.

Linking consumer and employer brands

These days, companies are becoming increasingly bolder in more strongly connecting their consumer brands with their employer brands. We often come across a company’s products or services, which are well-received and well-known among the members of the general public, while very little is known about the company itself. That is an opportunity that should be seized, telling the story about the company and all the benefits of working there through the story about its brands.