Where there’s winning results, there’s 404 Performance

Where there’s winning results, there’s 404 Performance

BaDaBum goes to college

For several years now, we’ve been collaborating with the University of Zagreb’s School of Economics. This year, they’re featuring an exciting project we’re particularly proud of — BaDaBum! Every year, under the guidance of professor Vatroslav Škaro, digital marketing students get the opportunity to work on real-world projects in their fields, so we presented them with the digital platform BaDaBum.

We’ve been working on the platform since day one—from concept development to programming to user engagement after launch—so we’re especially thrilled that 5 different teams chose BaDaBum for their school project. Over the course of a semester and under the guidance of our mentorship, the students will create a strategy for the product that’s already received several awards in its field, like the gold in the HUOJ category for small and mid-sized businesses.

BaDaBum is making a splash on the market. We’re excited to see the solutions these students come up with, who recognize the potential of the platform just as we recognize their potential as up-and-coming digital marketing professionals. 

Shaking things up at the MIXX awards!

In our last post we asked you to cross your fingers for our two submissions in the MIXX finals for best Direct Response and Lead Generation Campaign. Now we want to thank you, because the superstition paid off — and so did our results! Our project “Aj ti razvali” for Croatia osiguranje secured the award and was recognized as an outstanding combination of creative, lead generation, and a daring approach that deviates from the norms of traditional communication. Fortune favors the bold, and we boldly believe this won’t be the last of this type of project.

With results that speak for themselves, it’s no wonder we found ourselves among a mere 3% of Croatian agencies that can call themselves Google Premier partners.