Fantastic 4(04) interns

Fantastic 4(04) interns

For the last three months, our creative department has been four young creatives mightier. This quarter, our four interns got to hone their design and animation skills while working on exciting projects under the guidance of their experienced mentors. Hedera, Katarina, Eduard, and Vito are students from University North, who worked on a range of creative projects, experienced the dynamic agency environment firsthand, and completed their (all too brief) tenure with no shortage of celebrations and cake-fueled gatherings. As their internships come to a close, we asked them to share some of their experiences and impressions.

“I immediately noticed the relaxed atmosphere, and it stayed that way throughout my internship. I think all the friendly, communicative, and accommodating colleagues are the reason for it. There was never a dull moment because every day brought new, interesting tasks. I will always remember my first day because I got my first free ice cream.” – Vito

“I realized the importance of teamwork in getting a job done right. I’m glad I got the experience of working on real projects in an agency because many of my university peers weren’t as lucky during their internships.” – Eduard

“I discovered new levels of responsibility and found out how much I still have to learn. In the end, I can say I’m grateful for this opportunity because I had a great time, met wonderful people, learned a ton, and gained some valuable work experience.” – Hedera

“I learned firsthand what working in an agency entails, and realized it's a working environment I want to be a part of in the future. In the beginning, it was challenging to work with so many people, but in an environment where everyone is friendly, welcoming, and so wonderful — it wasn’t a problem at all. The atmosphere is relaxed and what impressed me the most was that I could always ask anyone for help." – Katarina