404 trends - Events

404 trends - Events

The dominant trends in the communication industry in 2020 will impact event production, among other things. That is why event production will have to find a way to resolve the issue of sensory overload, use digital tools, and insist on sustainability and responsibility towards the environment.

Creating experiences

The growing number of events in times when we are continually stimulated both visually and content-wise requires that we distance ourselves from the outdated event manufacture. The dominant trend in the event industry is creating experiences through a clear creative direction, which is exhaustive and detailed, as well as through original content.

Event apps

The trend of digitalizing events through apps not only makes operating processes easier for the organizers, but also brings a number of benefits to both the clients and their guests. Such digital tools help us connect better with the guests, and keep track of and respond to their preferences more easily, and enable many different interactive opportunities for the guests.

Sustainable practices and responsibility

Acting responsibly towards the environment and insisting on sustainable practices is more a need than a trend, and is becoming more dominant in the event industry. Sustainable practices include eliminating single-use plastics, using recycled materials when building sets, and ensuring a better-quality and varied offer of meatless dishes when talking about catering.