404 trends - Content

404 trends - Content

The communication space is a major jungle, where users are offered loads of content and audiences will continue to fragment in the coming year. That is why, now more than ever, it is important to know how to tell a story well and, at the same time, continue to use new channels to reach the consumers.

Data-driven content

In order to be able to tell different stories through new channels, we must be good at analyzing the data and we need to use it accurately. The future smart content will be data-driven, tailored for the targeted audience, and placed through concrete channels, around which the audience in question gathers.

Print in internal communication

As for internal communication, print will be used as the medium even more than before. Print editions have proven especially effective when we have a clearly defined audience, such as, for instance, a company’s employees. Everyone likes to bring papers home from work to show their family members and friends what has been written about them, and, in that sense, print is increasingly becoming a premium product.

Personalized newsletters

Over the past few years, specialized newsletters covering a specific topic or an area of interest have become a favorite communication tool, and in 2020 that will become all the more evident. Such newsletters provide users with a detailed insight into whatever interests them or with things they should be informed about, and within a short space of time. Finally, in the sea of available content, these newsletters provide users only with the information that is truly relevant to them.