UberBOAT in Croatia


UberBOAT in Croatia
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A Unique Service in Croatia Which the Whole World Has Heard Of

Uber has launched UberBOAT as a unique service that is available only in Croatia during the summer months. The aim was to contribute to the development of Croatian tourism and to provide visitors with the unique experience of travelling along the coastline. Together with Uber, we have designed and implemented the communication strategy of this new service.

Croatia is a tourist country that relies heavily on tourism as its main industry. The beautiful coastline is known for its more than 1,200 islands that are extremely interesting tourist destinations. In order to offer all the tourists and local residents an additional and simpler option to move around the coast, Uber has created a special UberBOAT service linking the islands to the mainland. This is a speedboat transfer service that can be ordered via Uber mobile application. A reliable ride is just a tap away.

International reception

The world’s leading media outlets have reported on the UberBOAT launch, so content views number in the millions.

Coatia as a tourist country

The UberBOAT service has contributed to the positioning of Croatia as a tourist destination.

Additional positioning of Uber

Uber arrived in Croatia in 2015 with its UberX service, and UberBOAT is intended as a product available during the summer months just for the Croatian coast.


The campaign has achieved remarkable results. The news about the UberBOAT launch has been reported on by all Croatian media outlets, but also by numerous international and influential media outlets such as the American Vogue, Reuters, Quartz, BBC, CNBC, Business insider, the German ZDF and Bild, the British Metro, and many others. Numerous international media outlets have also reported on the service on their social networks as well. Thrillist released a video that recorded more than 3.3 million views, 20,000 comments, 27,000 likes, and more than 12,000 people shared it on their Facebook profiles. A video published by the magazine Vanity Fair has been viewed 1.5 million times, commented on nearly two and a half thousand times, and has collected more than 7.6 thousand likes.