Shake&Take 2.0.

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Shake&Take 2.0.
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The largest digital brand activation aimed at teenagers

Following the second edition of the Shake&Take application - the largest digital brand activation aimed at teenagers - it was necessary to increase the engagement and interaction with the target group as well as prolong the retention time within the app. Our primary task was to find a way to use communication on social networks to engage the target group on all digital platforms they use every day.

The campaign was focused on digital channels and included Google and YouTube advertising, online portal ads, communication on social network profiles of the brand (Facebook and Instagram) and influencers. Since our target group (teenagers) primarily uses mobile devices for communication and interaction - we opted for a mobile first access to content and the customization of local content according to user preferences. Shake&Take thus became a multimedia experience across the communication channels of our target.

Using the aforementioned tactics, we managed to engage the target group in the places they visit every day and show them how fun and funky the Shake&Take world is. We created local and relevant content that caused excellent user reactions — we also gave them the ability to decide which prizes will be added to the app. In addition to all this, we included the largest YouTube community in Croatia - JoomBoos - into the activation and sponsored the first Croatian YouTube series Isti san (“The Same Dream”) in which Coca-Cola was actively integrated.  


During the activation period, the application was downloaded 130,000 times and it had over 120,000 users. Communication on our channels and the channels of influencers reached more than a million users. For 7 weeks in a row, the Shake&Take app was the most popular application on Google Play Store.