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Premium magazine for hotels
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Every journey offers an unforgettable experience. Everyone in the tourism sector understands that for quite a while now tourism has been more than merely renting hotel rooms. Guests on holiday want to experience something new, unique and authentic to the location they are visiting. Premium magazines intended for guests are one of the best channels for communication of the hotelier’s offer. Together with a team from Maistra, we have defined the concept and provided the design and the content of the premium magazines waiting for their guests in their hotel rooms or at the camping sites. 

The best journalistic, editorial and production teams are working on the magazine. We tour the locations and try all the services and products ourselves in an attempt to inspire the guests to have an unforgettable holiday in both Rovinj and Istria. That is why the stories found in the magazine are filled with vivid details, real people and local tastes and smells. They are a collection of the best both Maistra and the destination can offer, inspiring the tourists and encouraging them to explore and learn.