Opening ceremony of the first Interspar hypermarket in Rijeka


Opening ceremony of the first Interspar hypermarket in Rijeka
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Opening ceremony of the first Interspar hypermarket in Rijeka

We have organized an opening ceremony of the first Interspar hypermarket in Rijeka. In terms of the offering and the original architectural solution designed by the renowned architect Idis Turato at Rujevica, the new Rijeka district, it is Spar’s largest investment, valued at EUR 23 million. The aim of the event was to present the hypermarket to business partners and suppliers, representatives of local authorities, the media, and numerous local and national entrepreneurs through an atypical project presentation, a compelling opening ceremony, and an elegant celebration with live music, performers, and fireworks.

The central location of the event was the lobby of the facility, while the hypermarket was inaccessible and kept in the dark until the opening ceremony. After the guests had gathered, the official program began with a film produced by Robert Knjaz, featuring all the key stakeholders in the realization of the hypermarket. This helped in avoiding lengthy speeches and this unique hypermarket was presented with a dynamic and humorous reportage. The Chairman of the Spar Management Board, Mr Helmut Fenzl, and the Mayor of Rijeka, Mr Vojko Obersnel, engaged in an informal and short conversation with moderator Iva Šulentić about the content of the film. For the purpose of equipping a sensory park, a valuable donation to the Center for Autism in Rijeka was given, and instead of the standard ribbon-cutting, the act of opening was realized with an impressive light show. The guests were invited to visit the hypermarket with the possibility of shopping while an entertaining program with a performance by Marko Tolja began. The stylistically original presentation of an abundant catering offer also included the products of popular Spar brands. The highlight of the evening was marked by impressive fireworks with dancers whose choreographed performance invited the audience to watch the fireworks.


More than 600 guests attended the event, including numerous businessmen and representatives of local authorities. The opening of the first Rijeka Interspar was featured in more than 40 print, online, and television broadcasts and publications.