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HRT Meteo app
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The HRT Meteo App Has Over 200,000 Users 

Everybody follows the weather. The HRT Meteo application is positioned among the users as one of the most reliable because the weather forecasts are based not only on computer models but also on data from over 70 metering stations in Croatia, as well as the experience and knowledge of weather forecasters from TV screens.

Flow developed the HRT Meteo app for the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) in cooperation with the Meteorological and Hydrological Service (MHS). More than 20,000 downloads on the first day positioned the application as credible, professional and reliable. In addition to precise and accurate forecasts and meteorological data, all users receive warnings of dangerous weather events on their phones in real time. The radar image shows the rainfall status with a maximum of 15-minutes delay.

The application is developed for Android and iOS mobile devices with clear and functional interface. The weather data from over 70 metering stations in Croatia are available to the users just minutes after they have been measured. Users can access forecasts for all Croatian regions which, until now, have been available only on regional radio stations.  In addition to weather data, the application also offers users to preview the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) web cameras on all major roads, as well as current traffic data.


The application has already surpassed all plans with more than 20,000 downloads on the first day. At the moment, after several new versions, the application has more than 200,000 users.