The Future is Glowing

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The Future is Glowing
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The Future is Glowing

Launching new products - especially products that represent innovation in their sectors, that bring new, unexpected solutions - is a fantastic opportunity to use especially creative concepts in event management; from attractive visuals to designed scenographies, which invite you to post on social networks.

Last month we had an opportunity to work on such a project, the launch of glo, a device that allows you to enjoy tobacco without ash, odor and numerous harmful substances that can be found in, and which are a by-product of, conventional cigarettes. We were among the first in the region who, for the client British American Tobacco, had an opportunity to launch a disruptive innovation in the tobacco industry, and the b2b event on that occasion was one of the key communication tools. 

How did we choose the concept

Glo is primarily an innovation, a result of major scientific progresses, a device belonging to the era in which shifts in user technology are rapid and often change industries radically. Starting from the optimistic vision of the future, thanks to the rapid development of technology, we chose futurism to be the base of the event concept, which we called “The Future is Glowing”.

As for event management, we put a large emphasis on visual experience. We pay attention to details, especially to the appearance of each production element. At the same time, we want to follow what is happening in contemporary art, design and popular culture in general, and have a developed visual culture and knowledge of the latest trends. 

We strive to cooperate with established artists

We always strive to do something different from usual events. We cooperate with various established and interesting audio-visual artists, architects, decorators and stylists, which raise the production level of the smallest detail of the event. During the production of such events we often use professional models and/or other interesting people dressed according to the event theme.

During the production of “The Future is Glowing” event, we cooperated with audio-visual artists Ivan Marušić Klif, who designed the corridor with the effect of infinite LED lighting, and Ivan Lušičić Liik, whose work experience in the theater and club culture proved to be ideal for the design of scenography, lighting design, video and VJing. 

The selection and design of space

We tried to create the concept and content of the event which would have as much attractive segments for taking pictures and sharing on social networks as possible, whereby the scenography of many attractive places played an important role, such as 3D projection or room with mirrors and LED lighting.

One of the biggest challenges was to find an adequate space that could be adapted to the complex production of the event and that could receive more than 700 guests. Taking the specific scenography and a large number of guests into account, we were looking for venues such as hangars or venues with an industrial style, but at the same time, the space which had to meet the basic infrastructure requirements and be near the city center. After a month of intensive search and visits to all used and unused event venues, Pavilion 5, the largest pavilion of the Zagreb Fair, proved to be optimal.

Pavilion 5 can host more than ten thousand guests, but we did not want to miss the monumentality and industrial impression of the venue, which is why inside the pavilion we designed a special area of optimal size for the event made of aluminum construction and scenography panel.

At launch events we always try to achieve the effect of surprise, if possible already at the entrance. We decided to divide the whole area into three zones. The first zone was a dramatized lobby area with steam effect, robotic sounds and specifically dressed models; a 10m long corridor with reflection and the effect of infinity of thousand orange-gold dots proved to be a popular area for taking selfies and photos. The main area of the event was divided into two zones - fun and lounge or experience zone.

Why we stayed until 2 am

The focus of the event was on the pleasant conversation and gathering of guests, without too many programs, which at b2b events, if not properly chosen and dosed, are actually a distraction more than an attraction. The guest were led through the evening by Ivan Šarić and Marijana Batinić, in their informal and humorous way, and Whatta Band was in charge of live music. A special surprise of the evening was Maksim Mrvica, who performed at a corporate event for the first time and thrilled with a performance of three famous songs accompanied by a video and attractive light show. Another big surprise was a unique so-called Blacklight performance of Slovak-British dance group Anta Agni. It was hard not to share their visually impressive performance with UV lights, original costumes and acrobatics on social networks.

Food was served on several so-called gastro points and most of the dishes, with cooking show, was prepared in front of the guests in a specially designed catering area. In order to avoid long queues at the bar, drinks were served on a 8m long bar, and various mixed gin based drinks were served.

The selection of guests and the optimal ratio of business partners of BAT, famous people and media representatives contributed to the excellent and relaxed atmosphere that lasted until 2 am. Thanks to our PR and Social departments, we had an extremely good response of guests, but other departments joined as well and helped in the realization of such a complex event without mistakes. A synergistic cooperation between the agency departments once again proved to be essential for the realization of such a complex event, which has been rumored to be one of the most special events.