Weekend Media Festival

Weekend Media Festival

Hot Spot of the Regional Communication Industry

For ten years, Weekend Media Festival has been the most significant regional festival of the communication industry, a place where creative ideas and solutions to business challenges come to life. Each year in September, those who first see, feel, and create changes in media and marketing come to Rovinj. The Best Weekend of the Year has been the first to announce some of the top trends and present the latest technological innovations. Serious topics, intense discussions, and genuine entertainment has brought marketing leaders of the most successful global companies, experts from Facebook and Google, editors of the Guardian and Financial Times, and leading domestic and foreign experts from the communication industry to Rovinj where you can have an informal cup of coffee with business leaders and make serious marketing deals.

In order to confirm the status of the festival as a key event of the communications industry in the region every year, the festival program is based on two levels: global and local. We bring in the world's experts with the knowledge of top global industry trends. At the same time we bring key players of the regional communications industry to discuss the most important trends and changes at panel discussions.

In order for the festival to be the subject of conversations throughout the year and not just one weekend, our PR and content team uploads all relevant content on the official website and is responsible for the festival’s continued presence in the media. As of 2016, the Weekend Media Festival has a mobile app that provides all relevant information about the festival at all times and allows you to get ready for unforgettable parties.


The Best Weekend in Croatia was held for the first time in 2008 and has quickly grown into the most important communication festival in the region. In less than 72 hours, the festival becomes home to up to 5000 participants who then return to work with new ideas and energy, while the most creative ones return home with awards. SoMo Borac is given to the best digital works, while the BalCannes award is reserved for the best advertising agency in the region.








Hours of education


Million litres of drinks


Weekend babies


The worst thing about the Weekend Media Festival is that each year you think it's your last, that you've seen and heard everything and that you don’t need to come any more, and then you come again the following year and see and hear something new.

Zoran Šprajc

Of the last nine Weekend Media Festivals, I've been to all nine; I follow everything. During that time I had three different boyfriends, gave birth to two children, changed careers four times. Where the Weekend is, so am I. Come to the Weekend to change your life as it has changed mine, for better or for worse. And bring your business cards!

Ida Prester

It's one of the best events in Croatia. A unique blend of diverse, creative, and innovative perspectives, minds, wisdom, and fun. I would recommend everybody to attend at least one Weekend Media Festival.

Boris Jokić

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